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The company, founded on the forty-year experience of the Romeo family

aims to consolidate a position of reference for wine and spirits lovers and for prestigious restaurant operators with a special regard to consumers.

``Romeo Vini`` is linked to Sicily by a deep love for the land and for its products and today it counts on an organization capable of enhancing the very high vocation for exclusively superior quality products, in fact, it makes use of production methods which are the most careful synthesis of tradition and modern technologies and knowledge.

The company is located in two locations: the first on the hills of Salaparuta, a town in the Belice valley, where about 35 hectares of excellent land are cultivated with mostly native vines. The unique and distinctive characteristics of the grapes of the “Romeo Vini” company are a transparent expression of the territory of origin. First of all the “Nero d’avola”, the “Inzolia” and the “Cataratto” whose grapes, selected according to the climatic trend, produce the best yield in terms of quality, able to create wines of great pleasure personality and character.
The final commitment of this passion for the wine production of the company was the birth of the cellar, equipped with cutting-edge systems for the optimal treatment of the product: from the careful selection of the grapes, to the control of all stages of processing in the cellar. , until bottling. Thanks to this rigor in the management, the right to the controlled designation of origin with the wording “Salaparuta D.O.C” was recognized in 2005 by the Ministry of Agriculture and the relative approval of the production disciplinary. From all this commitment, two fundamental lines were born and made available to wine lovers; the first includes all the wines such as “Nero d’Avola”, “Sirah”, “Cataratto” and “Inzolia” called “I Gattopardo Salaparuta D.O.C.”; the second groups the two “Capinera Nero d’Avola Terre Siciliane I.G.P.” and “Capinera Bianco Terre Siciliane I.G.P.”.



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Azienda Romeo Santa Venerina

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Our headquarters

production of liqueurs with the words ``La Valle dell’Etna``

The second site is geographically located in Santa Venerina, a town on the slopes of Etna at about 350m a.s.l. where the production of liqueurs with the words “La Valle dell’Etna” takes place, extracts (distillates) of the best fruits such as mandarins, oranges, prickly pears. Finally, from the selection and processing of local grapes, such as “White Malvasia”, “Moscato d’Alessandria” and “Zibibbo”, the so-called “Le Lire” Liqueur Wines are bottled.
Last but not least, “Romeo Vini” wishes to say a few words about a product that it would be simplistic to define as exceptional and that is making the history of the company.
Like certain works born from the passion for art that have become masterpieces, this bitter, called “AMARANCA” distilled from wild orange peel, is enjoying unexpected approval. An exclusive and unique product, like certain masterpieces, this bitter has proved to be the pride of “Romeo Vini” protected by a registered trademark and therefore not imitable.

Through our online presence, we believe we can offer a wide audience, as well as an accurate presentation of the company and products, a convenient opportunity to get to know some of the goodness that make our land famous.

In this sense, we invite the public to register on our new e-commerce and for any information to contact us by phone and / or email.