Amaranca 37th con Forziere in Legno Massello
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  • Amaranca 37th Anniversary Gift

Solid Wood Case with Amaranca 37th Anniversary Lt 1,5 and 6 glasses in glass with logo.


Romeo Vini S.a.s.Via Umberto I - 16M Int. 15
Santa Venerina (CT) Italy

Romeo Vini

The company, founded on the experience of fortyyears-Romeo family, aims to consolidate a position of reference for keens of wines, spirit and food service operators of prestige with a special regard to consumers. "Romeo Wine" is linked to Sicily by a deep love for the land and its products and today has an organization capable of enhancing the high calling for only top quality products, in fact, uses methods production that are more careful synthesis of tradition and modern technology and knowledge.


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