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  • AMARANCA - Bitter noble of Etna
An amazing product much appreciated by the award-winning cuisine with stars.
AMARANCA is a amaro obtained from the processing of oranges and Sicilian extraction of wild herbs and roots collected at the foot of the Etna carefully selected and processed according to an old family recipe kept unchanged over time.
The complete recipe with a list of all the herbs and exact doses still remains secret and preparation in its final stage is done behind closed doors by the family members who carry the company.
Taste and distinctive properties' therapeutic and aphrodisiac.
The color is dark, with a flavor that is not overly amaro.
Is drunk straight or with ice, preferably with orange peel. Used primarily as a digestive or summer drink (lots of ice).
How to store: In a cool 13 ° - 15 °, not too moist and protected from light.
Glass: Glass chick – Small cups miniature clear glass
Alcoholic gradation 30% VOL.
Capacity 1 Liter

Important achievement for Nobile Amaro dell'Etna.

Amaranca obtained the Silver Medal at the London "International Wine and Spirit Competition" (IWSC) which awards excellence in wines, liquors and spirits worldwide and promotes the recognition of quality products.

The Competition, celebrating its 49th year, received samples from nearly 90 countries around the world judging them according to their category and thanks to professional tasting premises, a permanent onsite wine cellar and more than 400 global experts.

For Amaranca this is indeed an international acknowledgement that gives additional prestige to it and increases its popularity and visibility and makes the big family of "Romeo Vini" extremely proud.

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Romeo Vini

The company, founded on the experience of fortyyears-Romeo family, aims to consolidate a position of reference for keens of wines, spirit and food service operators of prestige with a special regard to consumers. "Romeo Wine" is linked to Sicily by a deep love for the land and its products and today has an organization capable of enhancing the high calling for only top quality products, in fact, uses methods production that are more careful synthesis of tradition and modern technology and knowledge.


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