Primofiore cl 50
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  • PrimoFiore limoncello di sicilia

A perfect symbiosis between the color, flavor and zest of lemon with tradition and creativity of Sicily

The green skin or rough lemon is the essential ingredient of his successful production.

Primofiore  born that way, from a sober and genuine recipe, enriched with water, alcohol, and tablespoonfuls of sugar.

It 's just peel the main ingredient in the production of Primofiore : the rind is indeed rich in essential oils and has very strong aroma. Sun, sea, summer, elegance; simplicity, the key to all uses, smooth and with ice, it can enrich the flavor and aroma of other drinks in the kitchen, on ice cream, fruit salad and fruit in pastry.

Primofiore  , fantastic, imaginative, versatile, like everything that is Sicilian, worthy to invade and conquer international markets.

It 'an excellent digestive if served cold. Some people prefer it at room tem

perature, maybe mixed in tonic water or champagne. This liquor shuts especially lunch or dinner has now become a social ritual almost as much as coffee. Method of preservation in a cool 13 ° - 15 °, not too moist and protected from light

Recommended glass Glass chick and MINI GOBLETS miniature clear glass

Alcoholic gradation 28% VOL.

Capacity cl 50

Match Pignolata to Messina, pastries Sicilian sweets



Romeo Vini S.a.s.Via Umberto I - 16M Int. 15
Santa Venerina (CT) Italy

Romeo Vini

The company, founded on the experience of fortyyears-Romeo family, aims to consolidate a position of reference for keens of wines, spirit and food service operators of prestige with a special regard to consumers. "Romeo Wine" is linked to Sicily by a deep love for the land and its products and today has an organization capable of enhancing the high calling for only top quality products, in fact, uses methods production that are more careful synthesis of tradition and modern technology and knowledge.


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